Problem Skin

Written by Charles Peacock
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Problem skin doesn't have to prevent you from looking beautiful. There are plenty of beauty tips and beauty products out there that can help you deal with even the toughest skin problems. Just remember, other people have been there before--you can count on their knowledge and experience to deal with your skin!

Dealing with Problem Skin

Problem skin is most common with adolescents and teenagers, and if you fall into this group then you're certainly not alone. Just looking at the range of anti-zit and anti-acne products that line the drugstore shelves gives you an idea of how many people fight the same battle every day. So what are the best ways to deal with your problem skin?

Keeping your skin clean is always the best deterrents. Dirt and oil can easily block up your pores, leading to breakouts. That said, you also need to be careful when cleaning your skin. Make sure you're not using soaps or cleaners with a lot of chemicals and perfumes in them: the purer the better. Things like fragrance additives can be just as bad for your pores and grease and dirt.

Another great way to deal with problem skin is to watch your diet. Certain people can get breakouts just by eating certain foods. Keep a diary of what you eat, and pay attention to when your breakouts occur. Try eliminating foods you ate on those days and see if it helps the problem.

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