Puffy Eyes

Written by Serena Berger
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Puffy eyes are one of the most bothersome and persistent concerns of many of the people who turn to cosmetic products for help. Their causes can be the same or similar to that of other facial skin problems, but are often unrelated to, or exceed the causes of other issues. Thus, trying to find your perfect treatment for puffy eyes can be one of the more frustrating aspects of trying to look and feel your best.

The Many Causes of Puffy Eyes

The under eye area is one of the most sensitive of the body. The epidermis is thinner here than almost anywhere else, roughly half the thickness of the skin on your cheeks or arms. The thinness of skin around the eyes allows irritants to pass through more easily, leading to more frequent itching, which leads to inadvertent scratching or rubbing, which can easily bruise the eyes and make the surrounding area puffy.

To make matters worse for the eyes, the thin epidermis also contains a very high concentration of blood vessels. Even in the best of times, given the thin skin the blood vessels show a little bit, making the area appear darker than the rest of your skin. Furthermore, slow blood flow and a build up of lymphatic fluid can cause swelling and make this area puffy.

Allergy and sinus problems can also lead to puffy eyes, as can alcohol. Many people seek natural cures to eye puffiness, such as cucumber, apple or potato slices, or chamomile tea bags. Others turn to high end cosmetic products which reduce swelling, moisturize, and conceal.

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