Self Tanning Lotions

Written by Charles Peacock
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Self tanning lotions solve that age-old problem of wanting to have a tan but being able to get it the traditional way. While they're not exactly a perfect replacement for the sun, they can be a cheap, fast and effective way of getting the tan you're looking for. Let's look at some of their advantages and disadvantages.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Self Tanning Lotions

One of the main advantages of self tanning lotions is that they can be much safer than actually tanning in the sun. Doctors are constantly telling us that baking in the sun can be incredibly dangerous, and we are constantly ignoring them. But for people like skin-cancer victims who take this threat seriously, self tanning lotions can allow them to get a tan without the danger.

Tanning lotions are also great when no sun is available. Maybe it's winter, maybe it's just not sunny enough--whatever the reason, it isn't always an option to lay outside for several hours each day in order to get that perfect tan. Tanning lotion only takes a few minutes to apply, and it can be done any time of the day--and the year.

The major disadvantage of self tanning lotions is that they're not quite the real thing. To the trained eye, a lotion-based tan usually looks like a fake. Luckily most people aren't discerning enough to be able to tell the difference. The only other disadvantage is an obvious one: rubbing colored lotion all over your skin isn't nearly as fun as spending hours sleeping on the beach!

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