Sensitive Skin Product

Written by Anmy Leuthold
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Finding the right sensitive skin product can be daunting. You may be prone to sensitive skin no matter what type of skin you have. Having sensitive skin means that your skin has a low tolerance to environmental causes (like heat, cold, wind, pollution, and temperature changes). This low tolerance, or "sensitivity," is mainly founded by external causes such as pollution or stress or even genetic predisposition, and appears in the form of red patches and sensations of irritation.

Sensitive skin is based on a mixture of sensory and nervous messages from your central nervous system or brain. A variety of factors can cause sensitive skin, such as disrupted or damaged skin barrier and a tendency to overreact to certain home skin care products. Bear in mind that having sensitive skin does not essentially mean that you have an allergy.

Your Sensitive Skin Needs the Proper Sensitive Skin Product

Besides noticing the symptoms above, how do you know if you have sensitive skin? With a simple stinging test, a doctor can diagnose sensitive skin. Some people are skin sensitive to certain types of skin care products. These people are more frequently prone to having skin irritations after using skin care products, than people with non-sensitive skin. If this is the case for you, choose a sensitive skin product that is tested under dermatological control and is hypoallergenic.

Makeup removal and cleansing are among the main causes of irritation to intolerant and sensitive skin. This is because sensitive skin is more permeable, causing it to react to preservatives, surface agents, and alcohol found in most conventional products. Due to skin sensitivity, sensations of burning, irritation, and tingling may occur. In addition to finding the right health and beauty products for your sensitive skin, you must also learn to be gentle when you exfoliate and cleanse.

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