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Written by Stacy Chbosky
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I first learned about Sephora products when I was living in New York, and a Sephora opened up in Greenwich Village. Sephora hails from Europe, where they dominate the beauty retail market. They are now making quite a splash in the U.S.

Sephora is like a department store for cosmetics, fragrance, and skin care products. Although you can buy Sephora products there, like bath beads, nail polishes, make-up and the like, most people don't actually visit Sephora to buy Sephora products. They visit Sephora to buy the hundreds of other brands housed under one roof.

Sephora Products and the Diversity of Brands

Sephora houses a truly staggering number of brands within one store. You can find everything from Chanel lipstick to DDF products for anti-aging. Looking at the list of brands sold through Sephora's website, I see every cosmetic and skin care company I have ever heard of, and many that I have not.

Convenience is what sets Sephora apart. I found that since I could find whatever I needed there, it was simply the easiest place to go. Of course, I would rather buy my skin care products online, since that's the ultimate convenience. If I am looking for cosmetics, however, and need to try out tester products, this store is still my number one destination.

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