Skin Care

Written by Liza Hartung
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Skin care is essential for all of us. Unless, of course, you happen to be my dad who only washes his face in the shower with bar soap, never washes it before bed, and has perfect skin. Even he, however, and others with great genes, know the importance of sun block. Sun block is a huge skin essential, especially in this time of UV rays and a depleting ozone layer.

Good skin care is an ongoing process from both the inside and out. Even if you have a great skin routine, it's still possible to have skin issues if you're putting lots of unhealthy stuff in your body. No, chocolate doesn't necessarily cause acne, but it's unhealthy for your body and thus unhealthy for your skin. And if you absolutely have to indulge in greasy food from time to time, keep your fingers away from your face until you do some thorough washing.

Skin Care Basics

Most skin care routines consist of some basic daily steps. They are washing, toning, and moisturizing. Yes, there are other fun things like exfoliation and mud masks, but they're not needed every day. In fact, those last two can be bad for your skin if done more than once or twice a week.

Everyone wants good skin, but you can't just go out and get some face wash and some moisturizer. It's first necessary to analyze your skin and see what's deal is. Is it oily or dry? A little bit of both? Is it really sensitive? If you're having trouble figuring this out yourself, go to a make-up counter in a mall (free) or to a dermatologist (can be pricey, but worth it).

Another good place to find advice about what to do with your skin is to stop into a beauty store and find an esthetician. I suggest finding one who you get a good vibe from, who you get a long with. Skin care should be fun, and it's no fun trying to get some lady's attention who is obviously interested in something else. You want to spend some time discussing what your skin is like, if it goes through cycles and if you have ever noticed that certain foods or perfumes affect is badly.

Importance of Good Skin Care

It is so important these days to have a good routine to take of your skin. This routine should become habit to you. I can't fall asleep for the night if I know I haven't removed my make-up and washed my face. And I can't go out in the morning if I haven't moisturized. My skin feels all wrong without doing these things. This is a place you want to get to. Or, if for some reason you never feel this way, just keep taking care of your skin.

There are so many elements nowadays that are working against our skin and adding to our own aging process as each day passes. The bigger ozone layer holes get, the more we are at risk for wrinkles, dry, non-resilient skin, and even skin cancer. Sun block is a huge component of skin care. I understand if some of you want to maintain a nice tan. That's fine, but make sure you've got some block on to at least keep out the damaging and aging UV rays.

Everywhere we go we find substances that love attacking our skin. These substances produces what are called free radicals and they are out for vengeance. They come from pollution, the sun, smoking, caffeine, stress and bad eating habits. Luckily, there are other things in nature called antioxidants that are here to save our skin like Superman. If you can get in the habit of taking care of your skin at an early age you can do some remarkably serious prevention. If, however, you're jumping on the skin care boat a little later in life, don't worry, there are plenty of products to help reduce the damage.

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