Skin Care - Creams And Ointments

Written by Serena Berger
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Skin care is one of the most important ways of taking care of yourself. In addition to having its own realm of health concerns, skin also has a tremendous effect on how you look, and consequently on how you feel about yourself. Many women are delighted to feel as though they don't want or need make-up if their skin is beautiful and healthy, and many men are realizing the benefits of a quality skin care regimen, as well.

Taking care of your skin can take many forms. In some cases, that means protecting it; in others, that means treating disorders that may require medical assistance. Beyond that, a lot of what you do to take care of your skin is a matter of personal preference, but the most popular skin care products have the benefits of slowing the signs of aging, brightening the skin, smoothing the skin, or helping it have a natural, healthy glow.

Protective Skin Care

One thing you should do every day is protect your skin from the sun. Many of the sunscreens that you can buy in a drug store for use all over your body are not ideal for use on your face because they are too thick or too greasy and can result in clogged pores and a shiny appearance that you won't want. For sensitive facial skin, you should look for a product specially formulated for the face with an SPF of at least 15, and wear it daily.

The products which are most likely to contain sun protection are moisturizers. Basic facial moisturizers also take care of relatively common bouts or areas of dry skin. If your skin is generally healthy but gets dry or itchy in the winter or in windy weather, a simple moisturizer can take care of that.

Severe dry skin has its own needs and concerns. It can also be the cause of whiteheads, which occur when oils, bacteria, and material your skin can't process get trapped beneath dry or dead skin cells over pores. Gentle cleansing and exfoliating are both crucial in such a case, as well as moisturizing to keep dry skin clean, clear, and free of flakes and potential cracking which can lead to more serious problems.

Anti Aging Skin Care

Moisturizers can also have some fabulous anti-aging benefits. For a long time, the best way to minimize the appearance of wrinkles was to use a high quality moisturizer which would plump the skin, perhaps firm it a little, and essentially fill in the wrinkles a bit to make them less apparent. The latest anti wrinkle moisturizers, however, are exploring technology that can actually replace the structural proteins which have diminished, causing wrinkles.

Oily and combination skin are two other major skin care concerns. Oily skin can lead to serious breakouts and unsightly blackheads, as well as a perpetual shiny appearance that most people would like to get rid of. The best products will not only dry up oil, but work with cutting edge technologies to inhibit sebum production. In extreme cases, however, you will need a doctor, because the root of oil production is hormonal, and a dermatologist can prescribe something to limit the production of the hormones responsible for excess sebum.

You can also find skin care products that can help out with very specific needs, such as lip care or under eye care. Whether you want to plump, firm and smooth your lips, or diminish under eye puffiness, the best lines of skin care products offer a variety of alternatives to help you achieve your beauty objectives. The Internet is a great resource for helping you understand the real causes of the issues that may bother you about your skin, and then helping you find the right products to treat them so you can look and feel your best.

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