Skin Care For Men

Written by Stacy Chbosky
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Skin care for men is just good common sense, in my opinion. I might feel discomfited to open a man's medicine cabinet and see that he has dozens of different skin care products, but I expect to see at least a handful. Men get blackheads, crow's feet, and broken capillaries just like women do. Skin care for men is essential for any man who wants to look good beyond the age of 35.

Unfortunately, a lot of guys seem to think skin care for men stops the moment the pimples of their youth have at last faded away. After the acne pads of adolescence, their only skin care item is apt to be a bar of deodorant body soap they wash their faces with during the morning shower. The result is chronically dry skin.

Simple Skin Care for Men

Men need to wash, moisturize, and protect. They need to wear sunscreen, just like women do, because they are as susceptible to the ravages of sun damage as women are. A simple, gentle cleanser, paired with a moisturizer with an SPF of at least 15 should do the trick for day to day use.

If a man wants to avoid wrinkles--and who doesn't?--he can use a simple cell renewal cream at night. This cream can help his skin cells repair faster and better. The body naturally repairs during sleep, so these creams simply help the body do a better job of what it wants to do anyway.

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