Skin Conditioners

Written by Charles Peacock
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Skin conditioners are products that can keep your skin feeling healthy, soft and smooth. They are available in many different forms, from liquids to solids. Finding the right skin conditioner depends a lot on your preferences for skin care, from feel to color to fragrance.

What Are Skin Conditioners?

Defining the term can be a bit elusive, as it seems to have been invented by beauty care companies in an attempt to create a new niche market. But a look at the popular products out there shows that there is something unique about skin conditioners. They're not soaps or perfumes, but they can serve the purpose of both.

Think of the conditioner that you use for your hair. Typically you use it after you've already washed your hair. It makes your hair feel softer, and it adds a nice shine. Hair conditioners can also add a lovely smell to your hair that lasts longer than the fragrances in most shampoos.

Skin conditioners act similarly. Apply them after you've already washed, perhaps in lieu of your favorite moisturizer. They will add moisture to your skin, and they usually contain specially formulated chemicals to keep your skin looking shiny and healthy. When using skin conditioners, just be sure that you are not applying them to oily areas of skin--you might wind up causing unwanted breakouts.

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