Skin Rashes

Written by Serena Berger
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Skin rashes can be painful and unsightly. There are a number of different types of rashes as well as different causes for them: in some cases, a bacteria or virus is to blame, and must be treated by a medical doctor. In other cases, the causes of skin rashes are environmental or lifestyle related, and you can be proactive in finding a treatment yourself.

Eczema is the worst of the more common skin rashes. Various forms of eczema are characterized by dryness, itching, and inflammation and thickening of skin, which can bubble up or flake off. Eczema is irritated by environmental issues such as dryness or overly frequent hand washing; but sometimes no matter how careful you are, you cannot avoid an outbreak of this skin rash.

Treatment for Skin Rashes

A treatment program for skin rashes is likely to include several aspects. First, you will need to try to minimize the causes of the problem. Often this means being careful to get the irritated areas wet less frequently, not scratching, and making sure the area in which you live and work is humidified as much as possible.

Then, you need to treat the current outbreak of the rash. Often hydrocortisone (the strongest available anti-itching and inflammatory cream available for self-care) is an ideal product. Then, you can search for high quality skin care products which have no added fragrances or dyes to irritate sensitive skin. Finally, you can look for a cream which includes a keratolytic, which actually breaks down dead, thickened skin and helps remove flakes and heavy crusts of skin.

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