Skin Rejuvenation

Written by Serena Berger
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Skin rejuvenation is a priority and a skin care ideal that is becoming more of a reality every day. Of course skin ages and changes naturally no matter what you do, but there are also factors you can control. Sun exposure is the primary one, but you can also treat problems with skin texture and appearance that can change with climate and environment.

The signs of aging that most people experience include lines and wrinkles; age spots; areas where pigmentation unexpectedly makes red, yellow, brown, or white splotches; and broken capillaries. Sun damage seriously compounds these problems, and increases the chances that moles or birthmarks will become cancerous as well.

Skin Rejuvenation at the Doctor's or at Home

Some of the most significant strides in skin rejuvenation can only be undertaken with the care of a doctor. Facelifts are the extreme case of this, but chemical peels, dermabrasion, soft tissue filler, and Botox injections are some of the other ways a dermatologist can help you get younger looking skin. If you don't want to cut, nip, or inject anything, however, there are many ways you can manage your own skin rejuvenation care.

Some cosmetics companies offer skin whitening creams, which can slowly reverse the discoloration caused by over-active pigment production. Other companies offer anti wrinkle creams which are on the cutting edge of the scientific breakthroughs that can go to the root of the problem, the structural proteins which have been depleted in your skin. There are also a variety of effective moisturizers, facials, and even new versions of micro dermabrasion facials that you can perform yourself comfortably and safely at home.

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