Skin Repair

Written by Serena Berger
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All things considered, skin is quite tough and resilient, but nevertheless it's simply not able to defend against everything the environment throws at it. You know that the sun is bad for it, and hopefully you take the appropriate measures to protect yourself from sun damage. You know that environmental toxins, dirt and debris and get into your pores and cause your skin to get blemishes or appear dull and even dirty, so presumably you do what you can to cleanse it gently and thoroughly.

There are other ways, however, that your skin can be damaged by the environment, and some of them require daily skin repair. Winter, in particular, is not your skin's friend. Your skin can get so dry that it flakes, and even drier still so that it cracks. If you've had this happen to you, you know it's not easy to repair.

Repair and Protect Your Lips

Lips, in particular, can be in need of serious repair. They're always exposed to the winter elements (and to central heating when you're inside), and the skin is so thin that they are among the most easily dried out parts of your body. If you get a crack in your lip, it may bleed and hurt quite a bit, and it also has a hard time healing because you keep using your mouth and irritating it. Even if you haven't reached that point, dry, flaky, and crusty white lips can make you uncomfortable and make you unhappy with the way you look. Lipstick won't stay on evenly, and you end up looking like you were a kid playing with your mom's makeup box.

You can exfoliate and moisturize to prevent these problems and to repair them if they arise. There are myths which might scare you into thinking that if you use lip balm, you'll need more and more of it, and pretty soon you'll have a lip balm addiction which will cause terrible problems if you try to break it. Some lip balms do cause problems (especially ones with camphor, menthol or phenol, or with ingredients which cause an otherwise useless tingly feeling meant to make you think that something medically profound is happening), but a good moisturizer will not. In that regard, your lips are no different than your hands, which you moisturize any time you want to.

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