Skin Restoration

Written by Serena Berger
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Skin restoration is an ideal about which you need to be realistic. Take wrinkles, for example--millions of people have unrealistic expectations for treating wrinkles. There are two different type of wrinkles--dynamic and passive--and neither can be restored with any product you can buy from a store.

How Much Can You Restore Your Skin?

Passive wrinkles are those which are there all the time as a result of lost collagen and protein. Dynamic wrinkles are those which emerge only when you are making an expression. Horizontal frown lines, laugh lines, crows feet, and furrows between the eyes are all examples of dynamic wrinkles. Botox is all the rage because it keeps those dynamic wrinkles from appearing when you talk, laugh, or frown. The major downside of Botox is that you have to get repeated injections, and doctors say that each subsequent time you use it, it works for a shorter time. If you start using Botox at 35, you're not going to be getting the results you really want at 55.

Passive wrinkles are not going anywhere. Any cream which tells you it is going to get rid of wrinkles and restore your skin to the way it was when you were 20 is absolutely, completely, and unequivocally not going to do that. Some are better than others, but anything you can buy without a doctor's prescription is some form of glorified moisturizer.

A good moisturizer can restore a great deal of beauty to the skin. An exfoliant or chemical like AHA can get rid of outer layers of dullness, dryness, or discoloration, allowing your skin to look its best. These are the kinds of skin restoration that you can expect from cosmetic products. For more dramatic results, see a doctor. They can sometimes prescribe products or procedures which alter the function or anatomy of the skin.

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