Skin Toners

Written by Liza Hartung
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When you find yourself wanting your face to feel a little tighter and a little cleaner, you should go looking for skin toners. Toners are generally applied after initial washing. Washing your face should be done with lukewarm water in order to open your pores and allow the wash to get in there and do its job. Once that's done you're left with open pores, which is what you don't want because then more dirt and things can hop on in. Therefore, a toner is applied to do a bit of extra cleaning or calming and to close your pores.

Skin toners vary in their effectiveness, scent, purpose and mixture like crazy. Your personal toner will depend on your skin condition and what you want it to do. Personally, I use toner very little because my skin doesn't have many problems and it can tend to dry out when I do. However, about once a week I use a moisturizing toner just for the extra clean. You can discuss what is best for you with your local esthetician.

Tighten Down with Skin Toners

Many toners used to contain alcohol, and many still do. Generally, you find alcohol in the cheaper products, but I would suggest staying away from this. Look for products that say "alcohol-free." No matter what your skin condition, alcohol tightens your skin because it dries it out. Just a little side note this is the same with lip moisturizers. If yours contains alcohol, you're going to have to buy more often because it eventually dries your lips.

For many people, though, skin toners are great. They can relax inflammation and redness with cooling properties. They can add extra healing properties to acne or problem skin. Each toner will have a wide variety of different ingredients. Some will tell you what each one is good for and some won't. Look online and find out the benefits of each one, then you'll know which ones to stay away from and which ones to bring home and add to your skin care routine.

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