Sothys Products

Written by Liza Hartung
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The French do not disappoint when it comes to Sothys products. They have body care, face care, make-up, men's products and sun care. All you could possibly think of to pamper your skin and protect your skin. All are formulated based on the most recent and proven scientific techniques and ingredients. This is one line of products that almost has a mind of its own with one thing on it: making your skin happy for life.

Sothys Products Under the Sun

One of the most amazing Sothys products comes from its sun care line. Since I find it so fascinating, I'm going to spend some time on it. Just know that if this product is this amazing, just think what Sothys other products are like.

Sothys has a line of skin care that is extremely advanced. If you're out in the sun and love being tan I highly suggest this. It's called Cellu-Guard Sun Care and it's made using high technology. It has triple cellular protection and double tissue protection. It penetrates deeper than any other sun block you've ever heard of or used. It actually contains ingredients that slows the process that weakens collagen and elastin causing skin to remain firm, smooth and youthful in spite of all its sun exposure.

Okay, this is where is gets pretty technical, but stay with me because it's pretty wild. The sun care of Sothys products contains the Cellu-Guard complex which protects cell membranes, proteins and DNA causing the skin to eventually learn to protect itself while in the sun. Goodness gracious, how amazing is that? This is the kind of forward thinking and acting that you will find with Sothys.

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