South Beach Tans

Written by Stacy Chbosky
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South Beach Tans are sunless tanning wipes, manufactured by the cosmetic company, Comodynes. South Beach Tans are quite popular in Europe, perhaps because of some of the helpful features they can boast. One of these great features is the active ingredient, DHA.

South Beach Tans and DHA

DHA is a type of natural sugar which has been used in cosmetics for 30 years. DHA is completely safe, and produces no side effects. When DHA acts on some of the proteins in the skin's epidermal layer (its top layer) the result is a very natural looking tan. The tan appears within hours.

South Beach Tans also have the benefit of convenience. Some self tanners are applied as creams, lotions, or sprays. They are extremely messy and hard to use. The Comodynes self tanner is much easier to use, because you simply wipe the product onto your skin. Ease of application is one of the reasons this product doesn't streak, the way other tanners do.

However, South Beach is not without its flaws. When you apply it, you need to wait at least ten minutes before putting on your clothes. This might not seem like a long time, but can be extremely inconvenient if you find yourself in a rush. You can wind up with messy, stained clothing if you rush the process. A product like Tan Towels, manufactured by Sensational Skin, is superior, because it dries in mere seconds.

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