Sun Damaged Skin Care

Written by Liza Hartung
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If you've been sitting in the sun for years and years as a devoted sun-worshipper you may need a little sun damaged skin care. Even if your skin doesn't look that damaged from the sun and its harmful rays, you should take preventative actions because the sun is not forgiving. It is important that you always wear sun block, even if you don't plan on a big tanning session. This step alone can save you from big skin issues later down the line.

I suggest using a daily moisturizer that contains SPF 15 or higher, and go for one that is oil-free so you can keep your skin clear without being greasy. This helps protect you from UV rays as you go about your day. You are exposed to more than you know just running daily errands--even if it's raining. When you're heading to the beach, a pool or just your backyard use a regular sun block as well because your moisturizer contains other ingredients for your skin's health. Long exposure to the sun requires a little extra protection.

Sun-Worshippers Need Sun Damaged Skin Care

Now, if you're like my mom who has been sitting in the sun for 25+ years, you will no doubt need some sun damaged skin care. My mom is half southern Italian so her skin is miraculously tan without signs of aging or sagging or alligator skin, but she still needs to take special care of it because it has been exposed to sun for so long.

Many of the sun damaged skin care products exist to pump up your skin. The sun can give your skin a nice, bronze healthy glow, but it can also cause it to become dry, weathered, and a little lackluster. For this, find some skin products that revitalize. Some even help lighten sunspots and exfoliate off the dead skin. These products are necessary to keep your tan skin healthy and glowing.

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