Sunless Tanning - Get The Perfect Tan

Written by Stacy Chbosky
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Sunless tanning seemed like a great idea--until I tried it. The labels I read all promised perfect tans and even, sun-kissed color. If fake tans with creepy orange streaks are your idea of perfect, then yes, I suppose I received the perfect tan.

I felt like I had a choice between looking good now, or looking good later. I couldn't have both. If I wanted to look tan and pretty now, I was condemned to looking old and wrinkly later. If I chose to tan now, I could look forward to a future filled with age spots, crow's feet, discoloration, and wrinkles. Although I was only in my mid-twenties, my thoughts turned to plastic surgery more often than you would ever guess. I was sure that I would need a face lift by my late-thirties.

So, I wisely chose to stop tanning. My skin turned ghostly pale, almost right away. It wasn't the beautiful kind of pale you think of when you think of aristocratic women in the 1700s. This wasn't an angelic, powdered kind of pale. This was just a plain old, ugly kind of pale. You know the look--doughy, unhealthy, and tired looking.

Sunless Tanning Disasters

I considered sunless tanning. From what I had read in women's magazines, it seemed as if sunless tanning had made great strides since I'd last tried it in high school. I decided to try sunless tanning before meeting my then-boyfriend's family for the first time. We were going to stay with his mom and dad for a long holiday weekend. I wanted very much to make a great first impression, so I bought a beautiful hostess gift, packed my most conservative and parent-friendly outfits, and sprayed on some self tanning agent that I had bought in a salon.

When I woke up the next morning, just hours before we were scheduled to leave for our long weekend, I looked like a freak. I mean, I really looked horrible. My face and arms were striped and streaked so badly that I looked like a zebra. Instead of a zebra's black and white stripes, I was sporting alternating stripes of bright orange and pale white. When I met Steve's family, they were visibly shocked. I later overheard Steve's mom ask him if I had any kind of disease they needed to know about.

Needless to say, I was completely humiliated. I had to hide in the guest bedroom while I cried. I then sequestered myself in the guest bathroom, where I tried to cover the streaks of pale skin with heavy foundation, but that just made me look worse. I vowed never to try sunless tanning again.

Sunless Tanning Success!

I resigned myself to looking like the Pillsbury Dough Girl. I was vain, but I wasn't so vain that I was willing to risk skin cancer just to look nice in a white dress. My luck turned when I ran into a friend from high school at our buddy's bachelorette party. My friend Amanda looked gorgeous. She had a fabulous tan, which showed off her blonde hair and white teeth to perfection.

When I asked her if she worried about skin cancer, she confessed that her perfect skin was the result of sunless tanning. Naturally, I was skeptical. She told me that she had been using a product called Tan Towels for over two years. They never streaked, they never stained, and they didn't even cost much. I have been using Tan Towels ever since, and I have never looked better. Finally, finally, finally, a self tanning product that actually does what it claims to do!

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