Teen Acne

Written by Serena Berger
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Acne makes millions of teenagers miserable. It seems like there's nothing worse than looking in the mirror and seeing the red blotches, bumps, flakes and swelling associated with this painful skin condition. Countless teens have missed out on everything from social events to job opportunities because of the severity of their skin problems. Even teens with milder cases of acne find that their self esteem suffers and they don't enjoy high school and college as much as they want to.

The Causes of Teen Acne

Acne may be caused by a couple of different things. Some acne is caused by a bacterial infection which can only be treated by a doctor. Oral antibiotics can seem like a miracle cure if everything you've tried from a drugstore has not helped or has made the situation worse. You should consider seeing a dermatologist if you have an acne problem, whether you are a teen or an adult.

Once you clear up any problem related to a bacterial infection, it's possible that you can manage your treatment with over-the-counter remedies. You get acne when your pores are clogged with excess oil, which is often worsened when you use make-up or other products applied to the face which can stick to the oil. To treat acne, you need a regimen of gentle cleansing, keeping pores unobstructed, and controlling sebum production.

The redness associated with acne usually extends beyond the location of any single blemish or patch of spots. This is because it's almost impossible to keep from scratching or rubbing the irritated area, which makes redness and swelling begin to spread. Furthermore, open blemishes can get infected, which will make them very red and puffy. You may want to incorporate an anti-inflammatory cream into your treatment, though be careful to find one which does not further clog pores with grease or oil.

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