Thalgo Skin Care

Written by Liza Hartung
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Thalgo skin care is all about the sea. Their products, treatments and philosophy are based in the healing and relaxing nature of marine life. The sea is a bounty of proteins and fiber, vitamins and minerals. It is Thalgo that has realized this and has dove beneath the depths of the roaring ocean to bring up its life force.

Many of Thalgo skin care products are made with marine algae powder. Research began on this powder in the 1960s and the results were dramatic. It was used to treat such conditions as rheumatism, arthritis, and skin problems. Once they saw that it helped skin, the transition to skin care products was effortless and natural. Marine algae power become a regular ingredient to their products and the people who used them, and who are currently using them, were beyond happy.

Thalgo Skin Care from the Sea

The benefits that the minds behind Thalgo discovered when working with algae are stupendous. Just one alga kicks the leaves off one not-so-lucky land plant. One alga has one thousand times the amount of iodine, one hundred times the amount of calcium, and ten times the amount of magnesium and copper than a measly land plant. Therefore, if you're looking for some serious skin care, marine life is the way to go.

The ocean has been around since the dawn of time and has its own ecosystem. Obviously, there are some healthy things going on under the sea or all the animals and marine life down there would not be thriving as much as they are. It's a natural step for skin care to go mining the wealth of the ocean in order for all of us to benefit. Lucky for us, Thalgo skin care realized this.

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