Written by Norene Anderson
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Thermage is a procedure developed by a company in California to provide an alternative to having a surgical face lift and still have the results desired. This method utilizes radiofrequency energy to tighten loose skin around the eyes. In order to keep the treatment from burning the top layers of the skin, a cooling spray is emitted during the treatment.

The process works by heating up the collagen which causes it to contract. New collagen fibers are generated over a period of time. Thermage is gaining in popularity partly due to the fact that it is not a lengthy procedure. Most physicians that do this procedure like the speed that the latest treatment tips can provide.

Is Thermage for You?

The newest tip is cutting edge technology that can detect the relationship of the tip to the skin and only allows radiofrequency (RF) energy to be released if all four corners are touching the skin. Not only is it safer, it is much faster than the older tips. This makes it a favorite of both physicians and patients. One of the great plusses about this type of wrinkle control is that it is not necessary to make an incision.

Recovery time from the Thermage procedure is basically non-existent. Since there is no damage to the skin, the risks are minimal. For all the latest information on this alternative to a surgical face lift, check out the Internet. This technology is quickly sweeping the nation. It is especially popular with the baby boomer generation for the touch up that is needed to remove years off the face. With this procedure, you really don't have to plan time off. It only takes about two hours or so and you can go right back to whatever you need to do.

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