Written by Anmy Leuthold
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Lathering yourself briskly with a washcloth in the shower is generally considered as an excellent exfoliation method. But if your skin is flaky or dry, you may need to accelerate the exfoliation process by using an exfoliating cloth in the shower followed by moisturizing. You must remember that exfoliating the face is just as important as exfoliating the whole body, including rough, dry areas like the knees, the elbows and the soles of the feet. You don't have to scrub your body every day, since the body isn't as exposed to the every day elements the way the face is.

Most people can do with at least some exfoliation. It gets rid of the cell buildup that makes your face seem dry, dull, and flaky. When you exfoliate your body of the dead-cell buildup, it will reveal the younger, softer skin layer. Especially consider exfoliation if you know you have oily skin, but dry on the surface. A professional facial would make a good start to your exfoliating routine, or you could simply use a home personal care product.

Exfoliating with a Washcloth

As I have said, one of the quickest ways to get a radiant complexion is gentle exfoliation, which literally scrubs away dead cells on the skin's surface. Since these cells reflect light unevenly, they make your complexion look as luminous as the day you were born. Try a gentle exfoliating washcloth to get rid of that dulling skin. If your skin burns, stings or feels raw, use your bath and beauty product with less frequency or try a milder one. The key thing to remember is that exfoliating shouldn't hurt. Your skin will look smoother, brighter and less scaly, if you include the right exfoliating method into your daily skin-care treatment.

Exfoliating is an integral part of any beauty routine. It can be the use of a washcloth for the face or a home spa towel for the body. As long as you are gently scrubbing your skin, you are removing excess dead skin cells, and allowing your newer ones to breath. A good exfoliant is basically a radiance booster for your skin, because it removes the dead cells to reveal the fresh, new ones underneath, and it will improve your blood circulation.

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