Wrinkle Reduction

Written by Serena Berger
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Different sources will tell you that wrinkles are caused by factors which seem, on the surface, to be very different. This is because these sources have different motives for giving you the information, so they put a different spin on saying essentially the same thing. The bottom line is that wrinkles are caused by a loss of structural proteins in the inner layers of your skin.

That does not mean, however, that anyone who talks about environmental causes or something other than the structural proteins is lying. They may just be talking about something which causes the outer layers of skin to sink more pronouncedly into the gaps formed when the inner layers of structural protein are not strong and complete. Thus, sun damage, smoking, or rapid weight loss can legitimately be called a cause of wrinkles, though technically the root cause would still be most accurately called the lack of proteins.

Can You Reduce Wrinkles?

Collagen, elastin, and fibronectin are the structural proteins which you produce in abundance when you are young. Because the inner layer of skin is plump and filled with them, the outer layer stretches smoothly over this inner foundation. Aging results in fewer of these proteins being formed, which means that some wrinkles are inevitable. Wrinkle reduction really has two fronts: reducing the appearance of the wrinkles you have, and reducing the number of avoidable wrinkles that you might get. It is the second which will ultimately have a more profound effect on your appearance.

A wrinkle reducing skin care product can moisturize the outer layer of skin so that it does not sink into the gaps in the diminishing inner layer. Many people are pleased with the effects of doing this around their eyes and mouths, in particular. Scientists are working on advances with the intention of creating a product that will stimulate your skin's production of more collagen, but they aren't there yet. If you really want to reduce wrinkles, reduce the number that you get by not smoking and not getting any sun damage, which are even more potent sources of wrinkles than aging.

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