Berkshire Knee Highs

Written by Beth Hrusch
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Berkshire knee highs are a staple of the Berkshire family of women's hosiery. The Berkshire company makes nylon hosiery in regular and queen sizes. Quality materials and construction designed to conform to a woman's leg make Berkshire hosiery a favorite among women of all sizes.

Berkshire Knee Highs--Fit for Every Size

Knee highs come with a comfort top and sandalfoot so that they stay up and can be worn with any kind of shoe. Nylon and Lycra blends lend a silky smooth feel and stretch that ensures good fit all day long. Queen sizes are not just a larger version of regular sizes. They are specially constructed to conform to the dimensions of a queen-size leg.

Many of the processes involved in making Berkshire hosiery are still done by hand, not machine. Colors and in-between shades available are: ivory, nude, city beige, navy, french coffee and fantasy black. A variety of color choices ensures that there is a shade to match almost any outfit. Quality, hand-finished details make Berkshire hosiery durable for many years of use.

Berkshire knee highs are made for women of all sizes. Good-quality nylon and construction that specifically conforms to the leg of regular and larger size women makes Berkshire knee highs the natural choice in comfort and long wear. Non-binding tops and hand-finishing give them a comfortable feel that lasts all day long. Fashion colors add to the appeal of hosiery that is designed to fit.

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