Written by Beth Hrusch
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Calida of Switzerland makes fine women's and men's undergarments using special fabric blends that are soft and seamless. This company was founded in 1941 by two Swiss clothing manufacturers who wanted to put the emphasis on simple lines and comfortable fit. Today, they make a complete line of panties, briefs, shirts and sleepwear for the active lifestyle.

Calida--Elegant Simplicity

Simple, elegant cuts and high-quality construction define Calida underwear and sleepwear. Cotton and cotton blends, microfiber and spandex give pieces stretch and softness. Camisoles are designed to wear for sleep or to layer with jackets and jeans for simple sophistication. Panties come in low rise, hipster and thong styles, all made of cotton or microfiber. All fabrics are grown and processed without the use of pesticides and chemicals.

Mens' briefs, boxers and T-shirts come in mesh and rib knits for durability and comfort. Athletic tanks hug the body with form-fitting cotton. Pieces can be worn as sleepwear and as clothing to be worn with pants for casual and simple style. The versatility of this underwear makes it an asset to any wardrobe.

By placing the emphasis on simplicity, Calida underwear and sleepwear has become a basic essential for many people. Quality construction, soft, durable fabrics and clean lines have turned these designs into instant classics. They transition easily from the bedroom to the home to the public sphere, and are therefore a valuable addition to the closet.

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