Care Sock

Written by Beth Hrusch
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The Care Sock is a sock designed to improve circulation for those who suffer from edema, diabetes and other circulatory problems. Anyone who is on their feet for long periods of time and experiences swelling in their legs can also benefit from these socks. They are the result of research done by a registered nurse who cared for patients suffering from poor circulation.

The Care Sock--For Special Needs

These socks have several special features that make them useful for those with circulatory problems. They are made from 100% cotton with a seamless toe. Their generous proportions allow them to fit over casts. They are cut extra deep and wide and thus do not compress the leg. A non-binding top does not put pressure on the leg yet allows the sock to stay up.

Special features include non-allergenic materials and an anti-microbial to reduce odors. A synthetic variety is made of 85% acrylic to wick away moisture to allow the foot to dry out and stay free from bacteria. All Care Socks have extra cushioning on the footbed to support the foot in comfort. These socks are ideal for the diabetic who needs to keep their feet warm while in bed or sitting with feet elevated.

This special sock meets the needs of people with swelling in their legs, who have a difficult time pulling regular socks on and off. Their extra-wide construction does not put pressure on the leg and they can be used with medicinal creams. When ordinary socks are no longer working, Care Socks can be the answer. They are available through online medical suppliers and specialty apparel stores.

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