Dore Dore

Written by Beth Hrusch
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Dore Dore of France has been making fine men's hosiery since 1819. Their socks are known for their exceptional softness. In the making of their socks, Dore Dore utilizes fine merino wool, Egyptian cotton and synthetic fibers. The end result is a sock that stands up to wear day after day while maintaining its shape.

Dore Dore Socks

Mid-calf ribbed socks are made of a wool/nylon blend or 100% pure merino wool. They have reinforced toes and heels. Top seams are finished by hand. Over-the-calf length is available in cotton and wool. Cotton lisle, a long-staple Egyptian cotton, is yarn-dyed for color that stays true through many washings.

These socks withstand stress at the toes and heel. Soft fabric blends eliminate the itch associated with wool. Many men wear them with their finest clothes, including tuxedos and evening wear, because of their soft comfort and fine knitted feel. For these men, the quality of construction and materials used to make them more than justify their higher price tag.

Fine gauge cotton and wool, hand-finished construction and superior durability all make Dore Dore the preferred sock of men who appreciate quality and are willing to pay for it. These socks make a statement about your good taste, and are an investment in your comfort and style that will pay you back with years of service.

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