Gold Toe Socks

Written by Beth Hrusch
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Gold Toe socks are known for their comfort and durability. Their signature gold threads tell consumers that they are buying a genuine Gold Toe product. Gold Toe hosiery was first manufactured in the 1930's, when two German immigrants from Pennsylvania started the Great American Knitting Mills. This company made Gold Toe socks as a way to express the "golden" opportunity they had to provide quality socks and hosiery to the public at reasonable prices.

Gold Toe Socks are Made to Last

For many people, Gold Toe means quality. The Gold Toe line includes socks and hosiery for men, women and children, though men are their predominant customers. Most fall into the following categories: dress, athletic, casual and big and tall. Dress socks are made of cotton blends with nylon and spandex for elasticity. They are also available in microfiber for a satiny feel. Ankle and calf length are standard. Athletic socks are made of cotton and nylon. They just cover the ankle, making them a good choice for tennis or for wearing with shorts.

Casual socks are crew socks that come over the ankle and go well with pants. They are made of cotton blends, nylon and spandex. Big and tall, known as "extended sizes" fit men with bigger than average feet, generally size 12 and over. These can be hard to find, and not many companies offer them. For those who prefer an old fashioned wool sock, Gold Toe makes a wool/nylon blend that eliminates itch.

Socks take a beating in the course of their lives. Gold Toe socks are designed and constructed to take more wear and tear for a longer period of time. This adds up to savings, and fewer trips to the store. Building on a tradition of quality, Gold Toe has become a major supplier of socks and hosiery to people all over the world.

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