Written by Beth Hrusch
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Booty-type slippers such as Jiffies have much in common with well-known slippers made by Totes and other makers of footwear. Slippers in general have several forms. Some people like clogs and others prefer mocassins. Materials vary, as well, from plush cotton terry to fleece to leather and waterproof nylon.

Jiffies and Other Slippers

Jiffies are an Australian-made slipper. Totes makes scuff slippers with and without backs, featuring cotton terry for warmth and moisture absorption. These slippers are designed to be used out of the shower and with your favorite pair of pajamas. Travel slippers are waterproof with a satin lining and leather sole.

Clogs have an open back and come in terry and suede material. Slippers with rubber soles can be worn outside, making them even more versatile. Cushioned heels add comfort and support. Boater mocassins provide the comfort of a slipper with the outdoor sole and styling of a shoe.

Jiffies and Totes make slippers that are comfortable to wear indoor and outdoor, and for any occasion where you need casual footwear for home use. Fleece, leather and suede construction is soft and durable, and will give years of service. For traveling, Totes slippers are the perfect choice--compact and versatile for any situation that may arise. These slippers may be found online wherever casual footwear is sold.

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