Lollipop Panties

Written by Beth Hrusch
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Lollipop panties are a style of full-coverage women's underwear that have been manufactured for more than fifty years. They are designed for comfortable fit, made of 100% cotton with covered elastic leg bands. Many women enjoy the feeling of waist to leg coverage that has made Lollipop a classic style.

Lollipop Panties--Classic Coverage

Lollipop panties are known for comfortable cotton construction in a full-coverage panty. Soft covered leg bands ensure the kind of all-day comfort that women for two generations have taken for granted in this line of underwear. Lollipop style also comes with mid-thigh coverage for a smooth contour under clothes. Cotton panels are breathable and naturally wick away moisture.

Ribbed leg bindings eliminate the need for elastic, a feature of Lollipop underwear that gives a non-binding fit wash after wash. Panties are pre-shrunk for a perfect fit. Large sizes are available, making Lollipop a favorite among women of all sizes. They are sold in single- or multi-packs for greater savings.

Soft cotton construction, gentle leg bands and full-coverage fit make Lollipop panties a classic choice in women's underwear. They are made to fit a woman's body, and make her feel confident all day. Lollipop style panties are available online at suppliers of underwear and sleepwear, and at retailers that sell classic and vintage style underwear.

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Lollipop,Lollipop, o' lolli, lollipop, lollipop! Lollipop panties are super comfortable and stylish. If you like your panties to the waist and prefer the non-binding cuff legs, these are the panties for you. The Vermont Country Store has them in regular, short, and and long torso styles and in a variety of colors, or stripes. I bought the pastel package of three: pink, blue and white. I wear them during the day and even sleep in them.

Lollipop Panties

You can find them at the Vermont Country Store and other places.
I love my Lollipops.

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