Written by Beth Hrusch
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Men who want to have a trimmer appearance now have a line of undergarments made just for them- Manshape support briefs and tanks. Special stretch fabric and snug-fitting construction provide stomach control and back support without binding or feeling too tight. It is the latest solution to the "bulge" that plagues so many men of all ages.

Manshape Support Wear

This line of support wear is designed to provide two primary benefits: the first is a slimmer appearance, the second is back support. Most wearers find that their clothes fit better and drape more smoothly. This makes for a trimmer figure. The Supportank is made of 100% cotton in the chest area, and a combination of Lycra, nylon and cotton in the abdomen area. Wide open armholes make it easy to pull on and off. It holds the abdomen in place, and testing has shown that most men can expect a reduction of up to 2 inches when wearing it.

Support briefs come in mid- and high-rise styles. The mid-rise comes to 2 inches below the navel, the high-rise just covers the navel. Both are made with elastic that resists the compression that causes rolling. Four-way stretch material is durable and non-binding. Mid-rise gives lower back support and the high rise holds in the lower abdomen. In this way, Manshape helps prevent back pain.

Manshape support tank and briefs give men a neat, trim appearance without feeling constrictive. Its special blend of stretch fabrics works to discreetly target problem areas, which in turn takes pressure off of the back. It is an investment in a better figure, a healthier feeling body and a renewed sense of confidence.

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