Mens Jockey Underwear

Written by Beth Hrusch
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Men's Jockey underwear has been manufactured since 1934, when Coopers, Inc. first started making the modern brief under that now-famous name. Jockey was the first Y-front brief ever made, and its comfort and practicality soon made it a staple of the male wardrobe. Men in the early twentieth century quickly discovered what modern men now take for granted, namely, that this innovative new design was perfect for the way men live.

Men's Jockey Underwear--For the Active Lifestyle

Men's Jockey underwear combines style and practicality in its designs. Simple lines and soft breathable cotton and cotton blends make their line of men's underwear a favorite around the world. T-shirts are soft enough for sleep yet durable enough to do double duty as work and casual wear. Briefs come as traditional Y-fronts or boxer briefs, a combination that gives more coverage with less material than a boxer.

Tank tops are made of ribbed fabric or pima cotton. V-necks and scoop necks are popular designs that give freedom of movement. Two-layer pouches give extra support to briefs, and midway shorts hug the leg for a more snug fit under clothes. These innovative designs make Jockey a world leader in stylish and practical men's underwear.

Men's Jockey underwear fits the male body, giving comfort and fit that lasts all day. It takes the active man through work, play and sleep. Styles reflect the simple desire for comfortable, hard-working undergarments, a desire that has not changed since the first Jockey briefs were made over a half century ago.

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