Munsingwear Underwear

Written by Beth Hrusch
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Munsingwear underwear has been made for men since the 1880's, when the company was called the Northwestern Knitting Company. They made union suits and undergarments of a wool and silk blend that was more comfortable than wool alone. This innovation led to many others, as the Munsingwear Company grew to be one of the leading manufacturers of underwear and clothing for men and women in the twentieth century.

Munsingwear Underwear is Comfortable and Practical

Munsingwear underwear is made of 100% cotton and cotton blends, in plain and ribbed fabric. Men's briefs have their patented "kangaroo pouch", a deviation from the "Y" front on traditional briefs. Many men prefer the support of the kangaroo pouch. Boxers have a gripper waistband made of covered elastic for better fit, and a snap waistband. Boxer briefs are an alternative to briefs, with a longer leg but snugger fit than regular boxers. They come in colors for those who want more of a fashion statement.

Athletic shirts are sold alone or in packs, and come in stretchy ribbed cotton. Crew neck and V-neck T-shirts are made of 100% cotton jersey knit for comfort in any situation. Pajama and thermal pants add an extra layer of warmth. Seamless construction makes Munsingwear shirts a favorite all-purpose garment, comfortable enough to sleep in yet practical for everyday wear.

Munsingwear underwear takes the active man from morning through the night in comfort. Durable, seamless construction and soft, durable fabrics make for underwear that is a favorite part of his wardrobe. Munsingwear is available at online merchants and retail stores. It is sold singly and in multi-packs for extra savings.

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