Totes Slippers

Written by Beth Hrusch
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Totes slippers are one of the top-selling brands of men's slippers in the world. They are designed to coordinate with pajamas, nightshirts and other sleepwear. However, they are also a comfortable alternative to shoes when at home, and can be worn with anything. Many men like to wear their Totes slippers when getting the paper or even while traveling.

Totes Slippers for Everyday

Totes come in several styles and fabrics. Cotton terry is the classic choice, with soft looped cotton that feels as plush as a bath towel. Suede is another option for indoor use. Satin and cotton linings on the inside of the slipper are soft against the foot. Leather soles make outdoor slippers sturdy and weather-resistant. Travel slippers are made of waterproof fabric.

Slippers come in clog or slip-on styles. You may choose from mocassins and scuffs. Boater styles are for indoor and outdoor use, with rubber soles and suede uppers. They are a casual slipper for at home or outdoor. Travel slippers are a clog style made from waterproof fabrics. Bath slippers are made of terry and can be either clogs or slip-ons.

Totes slippers are designed to give all-day comfort. They are an alternative to shoes for days when you just want some extra warmth without sacrificing comfort. When traveling, they are lightweight, easy to pack and to pull on, and they stand up to the elements. They are versatile for a variety of uses.

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