Union Suit

Written by Beth Hrusch
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The union suit has its origins in the late nineteenth century, when mass production and the demand for durable, comfortable undergarments spawned a whole new industry. The desire for warmth and modesty found their perfect expression in this unique garment, designed to cover men, women and children from neck to ankle in a woolen or cotton "second skin."

Today's Union Suit is Practical and Fun

The garment as we know it today is a lighter, more breathable version of its ancestor. By definition, it is a one-piece garment. It is made with or without a front or rear flap, which will usually button up to eliminate drafts. Advanced fabrics give more options in these suits, making them less bulky while giving more warmth. Typical fabrics used might be silk, cotton or microfiber.

This type of underwear can be worn by anyone, from infants to adults. Breathable warmth and snug fit make them comfortable enough to wear just about anywhere, in the home or out in public. They give an extra layer of warmth and protect skin from scratchy fabrics. Their one-piece design keeps body heat trapped so that it can circulate and keep you warm when outside for long periods of time.

Union suits have evolved in long and short leg and sleeve styles to suit different purposes. Whether you wear your suit to work out or to go under your ski clothes, it is a durable and hard-working garment that will give you warmth with a funky twist. For this reason, many people find that their union suits quickly become one of their favorite pieces of clothing.

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