Womens Flannel Pajamas

Written by Beth Hrusch
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Women's flannel pajamas are a perennial favorite among those looking for ultimate sleeping comfort. Flannel provides warmth and softness on a cold night, and is breathable yet helps insulate the body from the air. Flannel pajamas come in different styles and a huge selection of colors and patterns.

Women's flannel Pajamas Mean Comfort

Flannel is a fabric that has been widely used for undergarments for over a century. It comes in different weights, measured in ounces. A thick flannel will weigh more and have a higher ounce designation. Union suits and thermal pants are other items of underwear that are often made of flannel. Women's flannel pajamas will usually button up the front and have a collar.

Cotton flannel dyes well, and traditional patterns such as tartan plaid are popular. But, funky designs and graphics are appearing on flannel pajamas, and becoming a favorite of the younger consumer and even Hollywood stars. The value of a piece of clothing that can be worn as all day loungewear is increasing, and flannel pajamas fit the bill perfectly.

A good pair of women's flannel pajamas is like an old friend. A woman can reach for them over and over again, and wear them just about anywhere she likes to relax and unwind. The softness of brushed flannel is unmatched for its comfort and durability. It is one of the most versatile fabrics you can wear.

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