Womens Jockey Underwear

Written by Beth Hrusch
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Women's Jockey underwear is one of the best-selling lines of undergarments in the world. Since its founding in the 1930's, Jockey has become known for comfortable, casual underwear and sleepwear. Briefs, panties, hosiery, bras and camisoles are designed to take women from bedtime through their active lives with ease.

Women's Jockey Underwear are Best Sellers

Women's Jockey underwear is made of several different fabrics and fabric combinations, all of which have unique qualities. Cotton is soft, durable and breathable. It is the natural choice for underwear because it wicks away moisture. Jockey achieves good fit and washability with their cotton/polyester blends. This fabric is easy to care for and holds up well. Cotton/spandex blends have stretch to conform to the body without binding.

Another fabric used to by Jockey to achieve its famous comfort and easy care is nylon tricot. This quick-drying man-made fabric is fluid and machine washable and dryable. Jockey offers several styles in panties, bras and sleepwear. French cut, string and thong panties follow the latest trends. Camisoles in cotton and spandex fabrics have seamless construction for greater comfort. Tank tops and T-shirts in 100% cotton are not only comfortable but versatile, and can be layered under jackets.

Women's Jockey underwear is a favorite for its soft, durable fabrics and the kind of fit that allows a woman to go through her day in comfort. Casual, simple underwear that holds up and has a lot of style is a concept that has made Jockey a best seller in women's underwear and sleepwear for the last 70 years. It is widely available at retail stores and on the Internet.

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