Womens Sleepwear

Written by Beth Hrusch
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Today's women's sleepwear is often asked to serve more than one function. The demand for durable yet comfortable underwear has led to sleepwear that can also be worn as under- and outerwear. For example, the fabrics used to make women's sleepwear are ideal for use in camisoles and T-shirts. These items can do double-duty as sleepwear and layered under a jacket or paired with jeans.

Women's Sleepwear--Designed for Comfort and Function

There are as many kinds of sleepwear as there are women who wear it. There are those who consider flannel pajamas to be the ultimate in comfort. There is something comforting about snuggling up in the warmth that only cotton flannel can provide. The cotton or flannel night shirt is the choice of women who want to sleep wearing something loose and unconfining. For those who want style and comfort, a camisole and panties or cotton boxers are fun and soft to the touch.

New materials and styling allow sleepwear to come out of the bedroom and into the public eye. Today's camisoles and sleep T-shirts are styled for many uses. You can layer them with jackets and vests and get the double benefit of style and comfort. Tactel microfiber, spandex and Lycra are added to cotton sleepwear to give the fabric memory while retaining a soft, smooth feel. These man-made fibers help make sleepwear more versatile.

Women's sleepwear tends to be an expression of personality. It can be comfortable, sexy, multi-functional or all of the above. It often becomes the favorite item of clothing a woman owns, the item she goes to when she wants to relax and be comfortable. Sleepwear can be stylish and fun without sacrificing the one thing that matters most--comfort!

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