Blueberry Soaps

Written by Stacy Chbosky
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Blueberry soaps are among my very favorite all natural soaps. Waking up in the morning feels a lot easier after a shower, doesn't it? If you use the right, invigorating aromas in your soap, your shower will do an even better job of awakening your mind and senses.

Blueberry soaps have just the right amount of juicy, sweet fragrance to help you open your eyes. I prefer the calming scents of lavender soaps or almond soaps for an evening bath, but the bright scent of blueberry is perfect for the morning. I look forward to using this soap every single day!

Kids and Blueberry Soaps

Blueberry soaps are an absolute hit with kids. Kids love the fun purple color, and they are crazy about the scent. If you have trouble getting your little ones into the tub at night, a good blueberry soap can help. You can even have a couple of soaps on hand, and let them choose. Kids like making simple, limited decisions, like which soap to use. Bath time can feel a little bit more like a fun game if the kids get to choose between blueberry soap and cucumber soap, for instance.

These soaps also make great gifts. I think they are particularly fun gifts for friends with kids, but they also make an excellent gift for adults. Soap and other bathing products are perennial gift favorites. They are fantastically versatile, because you can give them to both acquaintances and good friends, because we all need to stay clean.

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