Cucumber Melon Soaps

Written by Stacy Chbosky
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Cucumber melon soaps owe their success to the delicate balance of their primary ingredients. Cucumber gives cucumber melon soaps their coolness, delicacy, and freshness. Cucumber is about the closest beauty product ingredient to the freshness of a light spring rain.

Melon provides cucumber melon soaps with their sweetness. Again, it is a very delicate sweetness. This isn't the sugar sweet scent of a strawberry or the sunny sweet fragrance of a blueberry. Melons are quite subtle, providing a sweetness packed with an impressive dose of elegance. Think of how often melons are used in exotic or upscale recipes. Whether served chilled in a cold fruit gazpacho, or wrapped with prosciutto and offered as an appetizer, melon is synonymous with elegance.

Cucumber Melon Soaps as Gifts

Cucumber melon all natural soaps make exceptional gifts. They are particularly great gifts for acquaintances, in my opinion. If you give a soap to your best friend or your mom, you know whether the recipient prefers the nutty scent of almonds or the playful scent of blueberries.

When you give a gift to someone new in your office for a secret Santa gift, on the other hand, you might have no idea what that person likes. Cucumber melon is an excellent choice, because it is mild and gentle enough to be enjoyed by a very wide range of folks. Buy handmade soaps of cucumber and melon as hostess gifts, additions to gift baskets, or gifts for new friends.

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