Fragrance Free Soaps

Written by Stacy Chbosky
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Fragrance free soaps are a favorite of a wide range of people. Many users prefer fragrance free soaps because of they are less harsh on extremely sensitive skin. Patients with eczema or other chronic skin conditions may use fragrance free all natural soaps at the recommendation of their dermatologists. Switching from harsh, overly-scented detergent soaps to gentle, fragrance free handmade soaps may be all it takes for bloody eczema breakouts to heal.

Fragrance Free Soaps for Professionals

One of the most interesting sub-categories of people who prefer fragrance free soaps are taste and scent professionals. This includes but is not limited to professional caviar tasters, coffee developers, sommeliers, and perfumers. It is of the utmost importance to these folks that nothing get in the way of their ability to smell. They usually don't smoke, use perfume or scented deodorants, or wear hairspray or other hair products. Keeping their jobs requires a completely unbiased nose!

Allergy sufferers are another group who shun scented soaps. I have an aunt who can't even be in the same room as someone wearing perfume or it can literally send her to the emergency room. Although she might like to try fun lavender soaps or sandalwood soaps, she knows better.

Fortunately, a fragrance free soap doesn't have to be dull! It can still look beautiful and feel terrific. Creamy, beneficial ingredients can pamper the skin. Buy handmade soaps like fragrance free oatmeal, and you'll see how pleasurable they can be.

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