Gift Soap Boxes

Written by Stacy Chbosky
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Gift soap boxes are the ideal way to give gift soaps. Handmade bath and body products always make appreciated gifts, but they can lack the formality necessary for some gift giving. If you are about to meet your future mother-in-law for the first time, for instance, I strongly suggest you not just hand her a bar of blueberry soap with a ribbon around it!

Gift soap boxes, on the other hand, are presentable enough to be given as hostess gifts, holiday gifts, or birthday gifts. They're also a great alternative to baskets. Baskets crammed full with delightful little goodies like soap, lotion and candles make awesome gifts, but remember, if you buy the basket, you have to take the time to fill it! Giving someone a basket that looks half-filled just won't do, but filling it properly can take an entire day of shopping! Gift soap boxes are the perfect time-saving alternative.

Gift Soap Boxes and the Internet

Another great way to save time buying gifts is to buy them online! The holidays used to feel so stressful to me. When I discovered shopping online, I felt like I had made the discovery of a lifetime! With online shopping, there is never a reason to miss a birthday and never a reason to stress out about the holidays.

Look for boxes that have been handmade. I like rustic looking boxes, with animal or flower designs. These types of designs fit well into just about any bathroom. You can usually buy boxes in different sizes, to fit either one or two bars of soap.

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