Handmade Bath And Body Products

Written by Stacy Chbosky
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Handmade bath and body products make fantastic thank you gifts. If you are in charge of organizing donors or sponsors for a fundraising event, consider giving handmade bath and body products as a sign of your gratitude. Fundraising is all about showing thanks. If someone gives your organization 500 dollars this year, reward her with inexpensive handmade bath products. Next year, she's liable to give 1,000 dollars!

Handmade Bath and Body Products in Bulk

Handmade bath and body products are often less expensive when you buy them in bulk. Fortunately, these items have a decent shelf life. Feel free to buy handmade soaps in bulk, store them in your pantry or linen closet, and give them as gifts throughout the year.

They also travel well. If you have to fly to visit friends or relatives for the holidays, all natural soaps may be your ideal hostess gift. You can buy them ahead of time to avoid the holiday gift rush. They travel lightly and easily. Soap, lotion, and other bath products are appropriate gifts for just about any age, any gender, and any level of intimacy.

They are also easy to ship! If you don't have a chance to be with your mom this year on her birthday, send her a box filled with fun soaps, like blueberry soaps or lavender soaps. It will be a welcome alternative to sending a bouquet of flowers.

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