Lavender Soaps

Written by Stacy Chbosky
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Lavender soaps are perfect for the better bathroom in your house. You know how it is with families and kids: you wind up with one private bathroom that is just an absolute pig sty, with towels scattered everywhere and bottles all over the counter. Then you have that other, better bathroom or powder room that the guests see, the one with the neatly folded hand towels and the good soaps.

Lavender soaps are ideal for this neat and clean bathroom. Lavender is a sophisticated, wonderful scent that just about everyone enjoys. Lavender soaps are also beautiful to look at. All natural soaps often feature interesting textures and colors, and lavender soap should be no exception. Look for a pale purple or a creamy white bar which has been speckled with lavender blossoms for a great looking soap.

Lavender Soaps as Sachets

In fact, I think these soaps have such an incredible scent that I like to use them as sachets. One bar of lavender soap wrapped up in a thin piece of paper can do wonders for your lingerie or sweater drawer. Lavender is just the sort of romantic scent that's a perfect fit for lingerie.

You might want to set a bottle of lavender hand lotion in your main bathroom as well. Scents often last longer when you double up on them. If you wash your hands in lavender soap, then moisturize them with a lavender lotion, you can look forward to softly scented hands for hours on end.

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