Milled Soaps

Written by Stacy Chbosky
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Milled soaps make lovely gifts, if they are all natural and handmade. You would never give away a bar of ordinary soap as a gift, but all natural soaps and handmade bath and body products make splendid gifts. They are perfect for men or women of any age.

You can even give milled soaps to children! Try giving your favorite little nieces or nephews a bar of funky, purple, blueberry soap the next time you see them. They'll wonder how on earth someone got real blueberries into a bar of soap. Blueberry soaps can make bath time a lot more fun, at least for a little while!

Milled Soaps and Native Scents

I like when milled soaps are made with all natural ingredients. I particularly like it when they are made with local ingredients. Local ingredients can remind you of a favorite vacation spot or a favorite place in the country. After a trip to the Boundary Water Canoe Area, I bought some handmade soaps infused with local ingredients. Using the soaps reminded me of the BWCA for months afterward!

Different scents can remind you of different seasons, as well. Pine, of course, is a great scent for winter and the holiday season. Blueberries are perfect for summer. I like a spicy soap like patchouli for the autumn. Celebrate the changing seasons with changing luxury soaps.

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