Natural Oatmeal Soaps

Written by Stacy Chbosky
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Natural oatmeal soaps are considered to be therapeutic. Oatmeal is often sprinkled into bath water as a water therapy for those who suffer extremely irritated or dry skin. Dermatologists may prescribe oatmeal baths for their patients with eczema, for instance. or for patients plagued with psoriasis.

Natural oatmeal soaps provide skin with the same soothing and moisturizing qualities as an oatmeal bath, but are a lot easier and quicker to use! Natural oatmeal soaps can also be enhanced with exfoliating seeds or shells, or fragrant oils. Some of my favorite all natural soaps are made from oatmeal, then scented with sweet almond oil. I love this combination! It smells great, even a little cozy, and leaves my skin feeling very soft.

Natural Oatmeal Soaps for Everyday Use

If you want to put some fun back into bathing, if you suffer from irritated or dry skin, or if you spend a fortune on lotions, I recommend that you buy handmade soaps. Handmade soaps, especially oatmeal soaps, are great for your skin. Unlike mass-produced soaps, natural soaps leave the skin moisturized, not dried out.

Natural soaps do not contain detergents. Detergents are lousy for your skin. If your skin feels more irritated after you shower than before you did, something is wrong. Try switching over to a gentle, refreshing oatmeal soap, and your skin should feel much better, very soon.

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