Patchouli Soaps

Written by Stacy Chbosky
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Patchouli soaps can be a great fragrance for patchouli lovers. From my own experience, I've found patchouli to be a pretty controversial scent. Personally, I love patchouli. I wouldn't mind putting patchouli oil on every single day. Many of my friends, however, find the scent far too strong, even unpleasant.

Patchouli soaps are a perfect compromise for wearing this love-it or-hate-it scent. Wear patchouli oil on your neck and wrists, and some of your friends are going to ban you from riding in their car. Wear subtle patchouli fragrance by washing with patchouli soaps, and those same friends will ask you what wonderful perfume you've started wearing! Using the soap instead of the oil takes all the sticky, overpowering bite out of patchouli, leaving only the warmth and exotic spiciness.

Patchouli Soaps and Evenings Out

I love scent. I think different scents are ideally suited to different occasions. For instance, blueberry soaps are for waking up in the morning. They're bright, cheerful, straightforward, and sunny, everything you want a fragrance to be in the early hours of the day. Patchouli, on the other hand, is perfect for evenings out.

There is something very sophisticated and exotic about this spicy fragrance. Before a big evening out, take a long, leisurely bath, or a luxurious hot shower. Spend time washing your hair, shaving, then simply relax in the pleasant and fragrant steam. You'll feel relaxed and ready for your big night out, and you'll smell absolutely divine.

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