Pine Soaps

Written by Stacy Chbosky
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Pine soaps can be offensive and even irritating when they are synthetically produced, yet they are simply fabulous when hand-made. Pine is one of those scents that has to be natural to work. Nothing smells better than real pine, in my opinion. If you have ever spent time in Maine or in the Boundary Water Canoe Area (BWCA) of Minnesota, you know just what I mean.

When all natural soaps rely on genuine pine to make pine soaps, the results are phenomenal. Pine is one of those rare scents that is both extremely relaxing and very refreshing at the same time. Most scents do one or the other: blueberry refreshes, almond relaxes. Peppermint refreshes, lavender relaxes. Pine soaps are so great, in my opinion, because they do both.

Pine Soaps Online

If you want to buy handmade soaps scented with pine, I suggest shopping at an online soap store. You will find a better variety, quality, and value of handmade soaps when you shop online. I also suggest buying soaps from areas that are rich in pine trees.

You may want to buy your soap from a company located in the heart of the BWCA, for instance. You can be sure that they'll use real pine, and plenty of it! In fact, using this soap may remind you of all the wonderful trips you've taken to areas like the BWCA.

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