Twice Milled Soaps

Written by Stacy Chbosky
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Twice milled soaps make a wonderful gift. Handmade soap gifts are incredibly versatile. You can give twice milled soaps to just about everyone in your life, to say thank you, congratulations, or happy birthday. Hand milled soaps also make terrific hostess gifts, especially since they travel so well.

Twice Milled Soaps as Hostess Gifts

You can buy twice milled soaps well in advance, too, which is a great advantage over flowers. You know how busy things get right before you go out of town. The last thing you want to have to do is go shopping for a hostess gift the day of your flight! However, you also don't want to show up empty-handed. Instead of buying a last-minute, over-priced gift at the airport, pack a soap gift in your suitcase!

Since soap gifts are so handy and versatile, I like to have a large supply of them on hand. It's kind of like having a box or two of pretty cards that are blank inside. When I have cards on hand, I never forget to send a birthday card, sympathy card, or get well soon card. When I don't have cards on hand, I almost always miss these occasions.

It's the same with gifts. If I have a supply of small gifts at home, like handmade bath products or all natural soaps in painted boxes, I tend to give gifts much more generously. I might give a birthday gift to someone at work, or send a little present to a lonely aunt or uncle on Valentine's Day. Supply yourself with gifts ahead of time, and you can make a lot of people in your life feel special and happy.

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