Unique Soaps

Written by Stacy Chbosky
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Unique soaps are a great way to make bathing or showering fun for kids. Kids can really put up a struggle at bath time. Unique soaps, like blueberry soaps, can get them to stop whining and start scrubbing! If you have nieces, nephews, grandchildren, or kids of your own, think about ordering some unique soaps, just for them!

Unique Soaps, Natural Soaps

If you give away unusual soaps as a gift, however, make sure they are all natural soaps. All natural soaps are superior in every way. First of all, they look better. Natural soaps are chunky, colorful, and have an appealing texture. They look handmade, with interesting swirls of color and fun patterns.

Second, they lather up better. A good handmade soap will create a creamy, light lather that feels terrific on your skin. These soaps are better for your skin's health, too. They don't contain the harsh detergents that make other soaps so irritating and drying. Plus, they contain glycerin, a beneficial, thick liquid that promotes softness and moisture.

Finally, natural soaps smell better. They have wonderful scents that are like something straight out of nature. Wouldn't your kids prefer to use blueberry soaps made with real, sweet blueberries from the Boundary Water Canoe Area, rather than artificial blueberry fragrance concocted in a lab?

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